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16 Sep 2010 Movie Night…with a twist.
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I took the LCD projector I use for speaking engagements & projected it on the back of the house for our own personal outdoor movie night.  The little hassle getting it all set up was really worth it…Gave movie night a special twist.  

Would love to hear about things to do to give ordinary events a special twist…always looking for something new and fun to do.

11 Aug 2010 The Sweet Sound of Summer Music
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BrickmanSummerMusicFes_colorThis weekend I had the opportunity to do another of my favorite summer activities…an open air concert.  There is something so wonderful about combining fresh air, grass, and music.  I love it! 

This reminded me how much I love going to Blossom.  Will have to try to work that into my schedule!

Have you gone to an open air concert this summer?  What is your favorite?