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24 Jun 2010 Is it true?
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afterThis week’s activity was to try a new hair color…just for the very fun of it.  What color to try?  My hair is naturally brown and I have worn lots of shades of brown.  Red?  No….I’ve had enough red tint in the browns I’ve tried to know I don’t care for red that much.  Not going with an unnatural color so purple and green are out.  That leaves blonde. 

beforeMy stylist is a hair color specialist so I felt confident she wouldn’t let me walk out there looking like a freak!  My thought had been that I would try some version of blonde and if I didn’t like it, I could change it back in a few weeks.  She said if I did that I could easily damage my hair so much that a lot of it would break off.  So…not going there.  I’ve been working on growing my hair out for too long to do that! 

She suggested doing blonde highlights, done in a way that would be attractive and age appropriate, in a manner that I would likely want to keep it for a while vs. the double-change I was envisioning with going drastic & then returning to my regular color.  And if I liked it, then I could add more or go more dramatic once I adjust to this.  I like her thinking.  I knew she would take care of me and I trust her for that.  Especially since I have a speaking engagement tonight!

Slide1I tried a few of those virtual makeover websites a few days ago and took the photos in today to my stylist.  She said look at this…with this color you will look 20.  I told her, I AM 20 in that photo!  (I don’t have many full face photos so I used this one from my graduation from nursing school 30 years ago!)

 So…blonde highlights it is!  Thought I might get to experiment and see if blondes do have more fun.  I may need to go more blonde because I don’t want to just have part of the fun!!

11 Jun 2010 A Sacred Journey
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drummingThis week’s Intentional Living activity was extraordinary.  I hosted a wellness retreat last weekend at Lakeside, Ohio, a chautauqua near Marblehead in western Ohio.  Saturday evening we were guided in a Shamanic Drumming Journey to reclaim our magical child. 

It is hard to describe this most unusual, multisensory meditative healing practice.  I can only tell you, if you haven’t done it before, and I hadn’t…..give it a try!  It is one of the most relaxing yet revitalizing experiences I have ever encountered.

Ours was guided by the gifted Deirdre Garvey, of  The Circle of Light Integrated Healing.  On her website, Deirdre describes these guided journeys in this way, “  What is Shamanic Healing?  Central to Shamanic Healing is the shamanic journey , a method of directly contacting our helpers and guides by journeying into non-ordinary reality.  The shamanic journey has been practiced  by people all over the world for more  than 40,000 years.  A steady beat from a drum or rattle is used to achieve a state of deep relaxation.  You then journey into non-ordinary reality with a question, and make contact with helping power animals and teachers who offer healing wisdom and advice.  The answers to these questions can form the basis for significant healing with issues in your life.” 

What a magical experience.  Thank you Deirdre!


03 Jun 2010 How do you spell SUMMER ????
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watermeloncorn cobNothings says “summer” to me more than corn on the cob and watermelon.

I ate both at dinner last night.  Heaven, I’m in heaven….

 Let the summer begin!!!!