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29 Aug 2010 Summer Rain
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rainfallSitting, just sitting, outside….experiencing the calm, cleansing purity of a summer  storm.  I am so glad I took the time to do this, doing it with intentionality, daring my senses to absorb all the sounds, scents, feelings, & visions of the enchanted summer storm.  I found it brought clarity to the mind & soul, while at the same time, cleansing & nourishing the earth.  Such profound power.

Hope you get to enjoy a summer storm before the end of the season.

22 Aug 2010 Star Light..Star Bright…
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shooting startA gorgeous summer night, cool breeze, starry sky.  Time to star gaze.  And because I never take the time to sit in awe of a starry night, it took till I was 50 years old to see my first shooting star!  I am so glad I took on this Intentional Living Project.  It is helping me take time for the little things.

Hoping your days, weeks, and months, are overflowing with joyful little things!

11 Aug 2010 The Sweet Sound of Summer Music
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BrickmanSummerMusicFes_colorThis weekend I had the opportunity to do another of my favorite summer activities…an open air concert.  There is something so wonderful about combining fresh air, grass, and music.  I love it! 

This reminded me how much I love going to Blossom.  Will have to try to work that into my schedule!

Have you gone to an open air concert this summer?  What is your favorite?

05 Aug 2010 Starting Anew at 25 Years
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My husband and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary in a few weeks and our son’s sudden move to Arkansas provided us with an opportunity to start our 2nd 25 years with a fresh start.

I’m talking dishes and pots/pans!  Yes!

We decided instead of buying him dishes and pots/pans we would buy ourselves some new ones and move ours along.  I loved it! 

dishesYou see, the dish set we have been using for 25 years was…do any of you recall this….???….from the grocery store.  You buy something like $20 worth of groceries and you get a plate.  We had our entire family doing it for us and had a nice set of dishes.  As you can imagine, 25 years later, it isn’t much of a set at this point with mishaps along the way.  So we finally bought ourselves our first set of dishes!!!


pans ppt jpgAnd then the crème de la crème!  We never had a set of pots and pans at all.  We just had this odd assortment of pots/pans that we assembled from who knows where.  But they worked and there never seemed to be any real reason to spend money on getting new.  But now we had a reason.  So we bought a nice set of stainless steel pots/pans that we are going to hang in the kitchen.

Oh such fun!  I know…it doesn’t take much to make me happy!!