24 Jun 2010 Is it true?
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afterThis week’s activity was to try a new hair color…just for the very fun of it.  What color to try?  My hair is naturally brown and I have worn lots of shades of brown.  Red?  No….I’ve had enough red tint in the browns I’ve tried to know I don’t care for red that much.  Not going with an unnatural color so purple and green are out.  That leaves blonde. 

beforeMy stylist is a hair color specialist so I felt confident she wouldn’t let me walk out there looking like a freak!  My thought had been that I would try some version of blonde and if I didn’t like it, I could change it back in a few weeks.  She said if I did that I could easily damage my hair so much that a lot of it would break off.  So…not going there.  I’ve been working on growing my hair out for too long to do that! 

She suggested doing blonde highlights, done in a way that would be attractive and age appropriate, in a manner that I would likely want to keep it for a while vs. the double-change I was envisioning with going drastic & then returning to my regular color.  And if I liked it, then I could add more or go more dramatic once I adjust to this.  I like her thinking.  I knew she would take care of me and I trust her for that.  Especially since I have a speaking engagement tonight!

Slide1I tried a few of those virtual makeover websites a few days ago and took the photos in today to my stylist.  She said look at this…with this color you will look 20.  I told her, I AM 20 in that photo!  (I don’t have many full face photos so I used this one from my graduation from nursing school 30 years ago!)

 So…blonde highlights it is!  Thought I might get to experiment and see if blondes do have more fun.  I may need to go more blonde because I don’t want to just have part of the fun!!

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