03 Jul 2010 ROADTRIP!!
 |  Category: Celebrate 50!

road trip]Spontaneous roadtrip…..YES!!

My son had a job offer from a business in Jonesboro, Arkansas & relocated from Cleveland very suddenly.  He has been living in a hotel, with primarily just a laundry basket of clothes and a phone.  I decided to go down and help him locate housing and get settled in.  This mission has “mom” stamped all over it.  I’m in!  I am great at researching, scouting, organizing, coordinating.

While road trips are always fun, I think spontaneous roadtrips are even more tantalizing.  Throw some stuff together and head out on the open road.  It was a beautiful drive down.  I couldn’t have asked for better weather.  Sunshine, trees, changing landscape.  And though I have traveled nearly the entire united states, I had never been to Arkansas so it was to be an even greater adventure.

I enjoyed the scenery, listened to country music, but mostly, just enjoyed this beautiful country of ours.

What was your favorite road trip?

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