08 Jul 2010 Sharing a First…..
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matts bed as pptWhat a special treat!  How many parents get the opportunity to share their kids first night in their first  “home”?  I mean, really, they move out to get away from us!!!

But special circumstances create special situations:)  I am still in Arkansas to help Matt find housing and get settled in.  Matt would prefer to rent a home vs. an apartment but a few weeks of hunting showed us we could not find something meeting his needs, be in a good neighborhood, and be within his budget..those things seem to be mutually exclusive.  We determined we needed to find a month to month apartment while we continued to try to find a house.  When I got to town I previewed many apartments and planned to show him the top choices after work. 

Then divine intervention interceded.  Near closing time that day, a customer overheard Matt saying he was looking for a home to rent.  The customer said, “I have a home, just around the corner, and the tenant just moved out unexpectedly…come see it.”  36 hours later, he moved in:).  The previous tenant had a LOT of things they left behind.  A small price to pay for being able to get in the house immediately. We got to the house around 9:30pm. We cleared some things aside, inflated our air mattresses, and headed off to take a shower.  I was glad I had thought ahead and packed the mattresses, sheets, shower curtain & hooks, a towel for each of us, some pots/pans, plastic silverware, a few plastic dishes/dish soap, a cooler, a tv/dvd player & some dvd’s and a few other things to tide him/us over till my husband could bring the truck down with all Matt’s things.  We thought it made the most sense for Matt to find a place to live before we brought everything down.

We were blessed to have electricity (read “AC” as the temps are in the 90’s in July here), and water.  We would have to wait till Tuesday, because of the holiday weekend, to call to have the gas turned on.  As we were turning the shower on it all clicked….no gas = no hot water.  Brr.  We sure are spoiled creatures:)

Pretty cool, tho…sort of like camping in a house. 

It was the neatest night.  Matt was wired…his first night in his first house.  And then I realized, I was blessed to be here to enjoy that first night with him.  I will treasure this week forever.  It has been so special being here with him, cleaning, setting things up..just he and I.  Nothing better for a mother’s heart.  Especially since I likely won’t see him again for quite a while.  My heart is soaking up every moment.

Definitely an Intentional Living week.  I will have to take something less deserving off my list and replace it with this unexpected golden opportunity.

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  1. Leslie says:

    So cool! Awesome that you were present to how cool it was. Have a great time!

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