About Celebrate 50! An Intentional Living Project.

It was the middle of January 2010.  I was thinking about my upcoming 50th birthday on January 27. Since this birthday ends in a zero, it seems like a milestone to me.  I wanted to mark it by doing something special.  A friend suggested celebrating all year and I liked that idea!  Last year I celebrated my birthday for nearly a week with a variety of events so why not celebrate for a year!

So I pondered on the idea for a bit and decided I wanted to intentionally create “memory moments” and experiences, all year.  Since there are fifty-two weeks in a year and it was my 50th birthday celebration I decided to make a list of 50 things I wanted to do over those 52 weeks to begin to live with more intention . . . with more awareness . . . never sleepwalking through days, simply going through the motions. 

It occurred to me that I wanted to make choices in my everyday life that bring me more happiness, peace and beauty. Each activity, each experience is one of the threads that tell my life’s story.  It is up to me to choose the experiences that enrich my life. It is up to me to design the tapestry of my life.

So, I created a list of fifty experiences and activities that I intend to carry out before my fifty-first birthday on January 27, 2011.  Some are things I’ve never done before. Some are things I want to do more often. The list is simply a way for me to maximize more moments of my life, directing my energy toward the things that matter most to me.

I will be writing about my experiences each week. I’m sure that some items on my list will lead me in new directions and others won’t live up to my expectations. But at the end of 2010, my life will be enriched by all that I’ve done. I hope you will follow my progress and join me with your own Celebrate list if you like. 

I have a feeling that this project is going to change me.  I’m excited.