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28 May 2010 Games of Chance
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I have to admit, I am not much of a gambler tho I do enjoy having different life experiences….so my husband and I went to the casino in Erie.  We only gambled for probably an hour or two, which was just enough to have some fun.  I have only been to a casino a handful of times, but my naïve approach is this….anytime a machine hits any win of $20 or over, I cash out.  Then when my gambling budget is spent, I hand in all my vouchers.  I don’t like the idea of reinvesting the win back into the machine.  You can see…I am not a big gambler!  But it was fun for me as long as I set those kinds of rules for myself.  We even netted out ahead so that was fun!

I also found myself reflecting on the casino being a metaphor for life.  I am not even a gambler, yet I found myself wishing/hoping/praying that the machine would just deliver for me.  Reminded me how we tend to look to God in our “crunch” situations.  I have a daily spiritual practice and a belief system that everything happens for a reason so I don’t pray for specifics.  But in that casino, despite my beliefs and practices, I still found myself asking to please have the machine deliver.  How very interesting!  Years ago there was a movie titled “Life as a House”.  Maybe there should be a movie “Life as a Casino”.  I think we could probably learn a lot about human behavior at a casino.  game of life 2

I am, though, a risk-taker in life.  Actually, this entire Intentional Living Project is about life adventure..intentionally experiencing a wide array of life experiences.  In that way, I am a gambler and whole –heartedly through myself into this interesting Game of Chance called Life!