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21 May 2010 Shhh…it’s a secret….
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Secret Santa 2I am having such a wonderful year on this Intentional Living Project journey.  This week’s activity especially touched my heart.

What fun!  My husband and I were out to dinner and saw a young couple, obviously out to dinner before their prom.  My husband looked at me and said, “let’s buy their dinner”.  I said, “YES!  That’s on my Intentional Living list!”.  We called the waitress over and told her to give their bill to us, but to not tell them who paid for it.  What a wonderful feeling.  This must be how Kris Kringle feels!  And angels! 

I often buy presents for people, and it lights up my heart to have touched them with my gifts…but doing it anonymously.  I haven’t done much of that, and definitely not in this way.  I will do this again.  This is giving from the heart in it’s purest form.  I LOVED it!

Do you have a Kris Kringle story?  I would love to hear yours….