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12 Mar 2010 Say AAAHHH for Massage!
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Week 7 of Celebrate 50!

Pam Heitenan, Ashiatsu massage therapist
Pam Heitenan, Ashiatsu massage therapist

The wonders & benefits of massage are well documented and I avail myself whenever possible!  I also try a variety of massage approaches.  For my Intentional Living project I wanted to try a massage approach I have never experienced before.  So this week I had an Ashiatsu Oriental Bar barefoot massage.  This is a massage where the therapist uses their bare feet to provide a deep tissue massage, using bars suspended from the ceiling as their support.  Wondrous!   Extraordinary!  Penetrating!  I love a firm, deep massage and this was spectacular.  Here are 2 you tube videos to give you an idea. 

Video 1                          Video 2


I also have been extremely tight in my upper back, shoulder, & neck area for quite a long time.  Pam, the massage therapist used Muscle Release Technique on this area where “the client is placed in particular positions so that the muscle begins to stretch in a very specific direction of plane. Then pressure is applied directly into the focal point of the affected tissue. The combination of a specific extension, precise pinpoint compression, and an exact plane of movement, while working with the breath, can produce an immediate release.  The scar tissue is broken up and the muscle length is restored. “   

I had the massage on Monday and wanted to wait till the end of the week to write as the tissue work was deep and I had some soreness for a few days.  I drank lots of water, and am thrilled to say that not only did I have a really great feeling massage, but I do think my neck and shoulders are looser.  How wonderful!  Thank you Pam.  If you would like to try this interesting massage technique the massage therapist I went to is Pam Heitanen, 440-251-0087, pam4prosperity@yahoo.com.  She is located in Mentor, Ohio.