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14 May 2010 Happy Mother’s Day
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mothers dayAt a stop light, on Mother’s Day, I looked out the window & saw this roadside memorial.  I pulled off the road to visit this memorial.  I do not know this woman or her story, but I am guessing from her memorial along the sidewalk of Route 20 in Ashtabula, that a mother and her baby died together.  On this Mother’s Day, my heart goes out to you & your family.

 My Intentional Living list had included visiting the roadside memorial of someone I knew & also someone I didn’t know at all.   I wondered if the experience would be different.  It was, but visiting someone I didn’t know was extremely special in it’s own way.  It was a privilege to honor this woman and her child in this way.  Seemed a way to share with them that their lives were seen, witnessed.

Last fall when my mother passed away, a friend of mine, Jackie Swanson, sent me a sympathy card.  I had been out of touch & wondered how she knew my mother had passed.  She said she makes an intentional point to read every obituary.  She feels every person should have their obituary read by at least one person.  This is her way of  honoring life.  I love that practice.  Jackie, you are a special person.

On Mother’s Day I, likewise, had the pleasure of honoring 2 lives.  May they rest in peace.