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21 Apr 2010 Global Communication
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This week’s activity….learning some basic sign language!!  I am LOVING this. 

I thought I would try to learn 10  signs that would help people communicate important messages.

I Love You sign

I Love You sign

I am learning the signs for:

  • Home
  • Store
  • Water
  • Drink
  • Hungry
  • Now/today
  • Hurt/pain
  • Happy
  • Please
  • Thank you
  • BONUS sign:  I LOVE YOU

I am well on my way with learning them but will need to review them daily for them to really stick.  I may add some other words to the list! 

When my kids were young we had a deck of sign language cards and tried to learn a new sign each week.  Obviously they didn’t stick well for me.:)  I will have to see if my kids remember any of them!

I noticed that my nephew, who is 1, is learning some sign language at Day Care.  I think that’s wonderful!

Do you know sign language?  I read it is the 4th most common language in the world.