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02 Apr 2010 Wonder at the Lake
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Mentor Headlands Beach Park, Mentor, OH

Mentor Headlands Beach Park, Mentor, OH

OK.. It’s 80 and sunny on April 2nd and I am going to blog about a snowy walk at the lake!  What a contrast.  Because of synchronicities I ended up doing several of my intentional living activities in about a week so have been catching the blog up to the activities.  But it’s perfect timing because it makes me that much more thankful for this 80 degrees!  Yes!

Snow & Sand

Snow & Sand




 I walk 3 miles a day most days, including winter, primarily at the park, and also spend a lot of time by the water..lake, rivers.  But I had never walked at the lake in the winter.  I saw some photos a Facebook friend posted of the lake in the winter & decided to modify one of my activities and turned it into a walk at the lake in winter.

 Gorgeous, gorgeous!!  The sky was endless.  With the lake and beach frozen you couldn’t tell where the sand and the water met.  And the sand and snow mixture was really cool.

Beach rocks croppedAs we walked my husband began to look for unusual stones.  He would pick one up and say, “I wonder where this came from?”, “how far did it travel?”, “who held this before?”.   I found his ponderings fascinating.  I had just seen pebbles on a beach and he saw living history.  It was a great new perspective & I was grateful for the eye opening he gave me.  What messages does the water bring? 

My wedding message in a bottleReminded me of the Kevin Costner movie “Message in a Bottle”.  Which reminded me of my wedding day.  Our reception was held at a place on the lake.  My family used the opportunity to surprise my husband and I.  They wrote a message, put it in a bottle, and we tossed it in the lake.  We actually did hear back from the people that found it a few hundred miles away.  How small the world is and how wonderful people are!

As I wandered the beach I remembered something I used to often do at the river on my walks and haven’t done in some time.  I closed my eyes and created a contest for myself.  How many different things could I identify using my senses?  I used to do this every day, trying to beat my personal record.  It is a great way to make oneself aware of how much we miss every day numbing out to all the beauty that surrounds us.  I could feel the heat of the sun on my face at the same time I could feel the cutting wind chill of the winds off the icy lake.  I could feel the shifting sand beneath my feet.  I could feel the stones touching my hand in my pocket.  I could hear the wind.  I could hear the still & the silence.  I could smell the freshness of the air.  You get the idea.  I really enjoy the awareness this silly activity brings.  Do you ever do this?

Then I kept my eyes closed and wandered the beach wondering what would it be like to not have sight?  I take it so for granted.  I made a decision to take something off my Intentional Living list and replace it with something more meaningful.  Sometime this year I am going to blindfold myself for an hour and live without sight for that hour.  I wonder what fascinating lessons I will learn.  Stay tuned..