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17 Feb 2010 Week 4: Watch an all-time favorite movie

Let me tell you about this list of 50 activities to do over the year.  There are a lot of different kinds of activities on this list..some need to be planned in advance, some can be done at a moment’s notice.  Others will be synchronicities…I will have a watchful eye open all year for the opportunity to do some of these things..and one day the timing, situation, and all other factors will align in perfect unity and I will know the time is right for that one.  So…this is a dynamic process…very fluid…always staying tuned in for the right one to pull for the right time and opportunity. 

So what I am doing is making a back-up plan…have an activity waiting in the wings that I will plan on doing unless/until  a synergistic event supersedes the plan!  As I watch life unfold, I think God must get some good laughs about all the plans we make!  Years ago I learned the hard way that life is what happens while we are busy making plans!  I am now flexible.  I go with the flow.  I have a tentative direction, but I stayed tuned all day long to see if mid-course corrections are in order.

SO!  I had been thinking I might do #6 on the list (that’s right…you don’t know what #6 is..I haven’t released “the master list” so you can enjoy the element of surprise..makes it more fun!), but then life intervened and it became apparent I needed to do #48.

But speaking of #6..that reminds me of story that Wayne Dyer tells on one of his CD’s  “The Power of Intention:  Learning to Co-Create Your World Your Way”     Rule Number 6:

Power of Intention 2Two prime ministers are sitting in a room discussing affairs of state. Suddenly a man bursts in, apoplectic with fury, shouting and stamping and banging his fist on the desk. The resident prime minister admonishes him: “Peter,” he says, “kindly remember Rule Number 6,” whereupon Peter is instantly restored to complete calm, apologizes, and withdraws. The politicians return to their conversation, only to be interrupted yet again twenty minutes later by an hysterical woman gesticulating wildly, her hair flying. Again the intruder is greeted with the words: “Marie, please remember Rule Number 6.” Complete calm descends once more, and she too withdraws with a bow and an apology. When the scene is repeated for a third time, the visiting prime minister addresses his colleague: “My dear friend, I’ve seen many things in my life, but never anything as remarkable as this. Would you be willing to share with me the secret of Rule Number 6?” “Very simple,” replies the resident prime minister. “Rule Number 6 is ‘Don’t take yourself so damn seriously.’” “Ah,” says his visitor, “that is a fine rule.” After a moment of pondering, he inquires, “And what, may I ask, are the other rules?”  “There aren’t any.”

Pretty good, eh?  But back to my list and week #4.

I do my best to stay in tune with my emotions throughout the day…I make it really simple.   Am I feeling “good” or “not so good/bad”?  If I am feeling any emotion that feels good (peace, joy, etc)..I am all set.   If I am not feeling any emotion that doesn’t feel good (anger, frustration, fear..you get the idea)… I note any “bad” feelings as soon as they appear and take immediate, definitive action to eliminate them.  I learned the hard way…”bad” feelings create a stress response in the body..stress mounts and leads to illness as well as the loss of energy, peace, joy, and life balance.

Well, I noticed that I was feeling, let’s say…edgy… kind of snotty, put out, frustrated and a little bit angry.  That didn’t feel good so I wanted out of it right away.  One of the things I do proactively to get myself out of a moderate stress level is “movie therapy”.   Movies do a nice job of distracting us, and they are long enough for the stress buzz to settle down so when the movie is over.. voilà.  We are thinking more clearly and everything doesn’t seem so bad…stress chemicals have stabilized.

vineyard 4]Therefore…I changed plans and went with #48, which is to watch an all time favorite movie.  I watched “French Kiss”.  I LOVE that movie.  It always makes me laugh.  And in some ways, it just feels good for my soul.  My mother was entirely of French descent so I have a lot of roots in France…it’s as though sometimes my spirit wants to return to the French countryside.  The movie was like going home..my little escape to the vineyards of France.

What’s your favorite cure for those nagging “nose is out of joint” times?