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11 Feb 2010 Gift-Giving…to Yourself!

Week 3 of Project “Celebrate 50!”

OK…Now I’m on a roll!  Week  three and counting!

This week’s intentional living activity was about gifting…to oneself, because I am in charge of making my life everything I want it to be.  Why do other people have to buy us presents??  Why can’t I do that for myself?? 

Several years ago when I was going through essentially a re-birth in nearly every aspect of my life, it occurred to me that I was often dis-empowering myself by putting others in charge of making me feel good about myself, making me feel happy, making my life fun, making my birthday special, etc, ad naueseam.  Not only did that put a not-asked-for burden upon someone else, it also made me powerless and helpless in my life.  So I decided:  It’s MY life…I should be the one responsible for making it what I want it to be.  And the kicker was…I was the only person keeping me from doing it.  That revelation became the cornerstone of my future life’s work.

So many people ask me how I transformed my life in such little time, wanting to know how I did it…see my WEWS TV interview about it….that I developed a stress-free living, transform your life, wellness model I call The Energy Equation, and Take Back Your Power is Principle #1.

One way I take my power back is to not look to my family to make my birthday special.  I used to sometimes feel disappointed if my husband and sons didn’t make my birthday special “enough” for me.  Well that was just plain silly and counterproductive.  So years ago I began to take my power back and took responsibility to make my birthday everything I wanted it to be..for myself!  So I do my best to take my birthday off of work and plan a day full of fun for myself.  And often, I also buy myself a special birthday present.

This year I decided to buy myself…drum roll…a remote start for my car!  Just after I got it installed I sent a text to my husband “Oh yeah baby…I am gonna love this birthday present to me!”  Now for those of you who don’t live in the snow belt, you might not fully appreciate the full excitement this gift promises:) but I sure do.

Pineridge snow

Yesterday I had a perfect opportunity to begin what is sure to be my love affair with this little baby.  As I ran into a store I recalled the bonus lesson the installer shared with me:  “And it’s great for when you have to run a quick errand..just leave the car running..it’s locked”.  SO, I left my locked, heated car running while I ran into the store, and came back out to a toasty car, but even better….because the defrosters were on, I didn’t have to clean the car off again.  Oh yeah, gift giving to oneself is THE way to go!

How do you take back your power in your life?  Talk to me.  We all learn from each other.