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"I am so grateful to be here. This is the best workshop I have attended in my entire career."
~TM, Indianapolis.

What Others Say


"Thank you for the wonderful presentation you delivered to our class. I am so inspired by your family's ability to take such a devastating mental illness and turn it into a positive learning experience. I must congratulate Matt for allowing you to tell his story, since most of the people I have worked with who were diagnosed with mental illnesses, including Bipolar, were generally ashamed and did everything they could to hide it from anyone who didn't need to know. I hope he knows what a good thing he is doing by sharing his experiences…

It is so important to also hear the perspective of the family and to learn how mental illness stretches beyond the individual. I feel so awful watching parents go through the initial stage of hearing such a diagnosis, and then learning how to cope and maintain normalcy, and your situation was every bit as painful. I am so happy that things worked out well for your family and that you used your experiences to help and give hope to so many others out there.

Hopefully with individuals like you and Matt out there, others won't feel so reluctant to come forward with mental illness, stigmatizations can be removed, and we can collectively continue to learn more. "

Stacey Reynolds

"I want to thank you for your presentation at MEO-SERRC today. Sharing your family's story enhanced my sensitivity to children with mental illness and their families in a way that I hope never to forget. I've already shared your story with 2 members of my department and have a family that I'm working with right now who will benefit from the information I gained today.

Thank you so much. Your ability to present in such a way that we could receive the information without defensiveness is a blessing."

Joanna Carper
School Psychologist, Coordinator of Pupil Services
Copley-Fairlawn City Schools

I have been fortunate to attend many of Sue's presentations over the past several years. Her message is invaluable, her presentation professional and riveting. Each attendee is enlightened and touched by her personal experience. Sue Mikolic transforms her audience into ambassadors for these students.

Sue has the experience, knowledge and a strong commitment to advocate for these students. Her presentation is commensurate with other greats like Mel Levine and Ed Hallowell. During Sue's presentation to the Solon City School Staff, educators were moved to approach the principal with the request that all educational staff be present at the seminar.

Margie M. Golub R.N.
Chair Emeritus O.P.E.N. Solon City Schools

"Your presentation at John Carroll University on ADHD/Bipolar Disorder was exceptional. It has been a pleasure working with you professionally. Your small group and individualized instruction was superbly planned.

Sue is an intelligent and insightful person. Her ability to hold the students' attention; her class control; her sensitivity to the students' individual needs; the orderly way in which she presents a lesson, as well as her exceptional ability to relate to students of various creeds, nationalities and race is exceptional. To say the least, this woman epitomizes what a good teacher should be, since she is knowledgeable about her subject, seeks to bring out the best in each child, spends time with each child, and takes pride in her work."

Mr. Provenzale, M. Ed.
John Carroll University Adjunct Instructor

"The American School Health Association wishes to thank you for your presentations at the 2004 Ohio Regional School Nurse Conferences. Your delivery of Supporting Academic Success for Students with Mental Illness was an outstanding addition to the agenda.

Your work with students that have mental illness is a wonderful contribution to the profession and to coordinated school health. We hope you will consider applying to present on your topic of expertise at other American School Health Association conferences."

Mary Bamer Ramsier
Conference Coordinator
American School Health Association

"How grateful we are for your in-depth presentation to our teachers and paraprofessionals on "Supporting Academic Success in children with Mental Illness". It is through your diligence of providing educators with "real life experiences" and "applications" that help support the learning of children with mental illness. WE truly appreciate all the extra efforts and educational training that you provided."

Thank you for helping us support the learning of all children and youth."

Janette Clark, M.A.
Intervention Program Development Coordinator
East Shore SERRC


"I have been so afraid for my child's future, but after listening to your personal story, you helped me to realize that there is hope for my son to grow into a well-adjusted, self-assured adult. Your help gave me the confidence I needed to approach my son's IEP group and request the services he needed. Your assistance provided the credibility I needed to get the school on my son's side. Before your presence at our meetings the school generally viewed my descriptions of his problems with suspicion and doubt. I couldn't have made the progress that we've made together on my own. Thank you for everything!"

Parent, Amherst

"Sue Mikolic has been a continuous source of strength and knowledge for my daughter and I. We were presented with educational hurdles that we were not prepared to handle successfully on our own. I read an article that featured Sue and her story. It inspired my husband and I to contact her about our situation. I knew the minute I met Sue I could entrust her to represent my daughter's best interest. She is knowledgeable about the laws and knew what course of action would be most beneficial for my daughter. Sue's personal experience and her genuine passion for what she does is very powerful. I would highly recommend Sue to any family in need of knowledgeable and compassionate representation."

Parent, Amherst

"As an advocate for my son, Ms. Mikolic was able to facilitate a dialogue with the school staff regarding his placement within our district. Through her knowledge of my child's needs, the staff was educated about David's issues and how those issues impact his ability to learn in the public school environment. She accomplished our family's goal, which was to help create an environment within our middle school to support our son.

Ms. Mikolic is passionate about what she does and was well worth the investment in our son's future."

Ann Driscoll
Parent, Rocky River

"I began working with Susan Mikolic during the latter part of 2004. Susan has attended I.E.P and school meetings. She even looked at an alternative school with me. She understands my frustration in trying to arrange a successful placement for my daughter. She has been my voice at school meetings. She is knowledgeable about school law. She is with me every step of the way. I have not only found a parent mentor / advocate--but a friend."

Parent, Berea School District


"Susan Mikolic has served on the NAMI Ohio Board of Directors and was instrumental in the creation of our child-focused programs. She has shared her knowledge of special needs and the educational system, as well as other child-serving entities, through presentations at local, state and national forums. She is consistently called upon by NAMI Ohio and many of our members for advice and technical assistance."

I cannot state strongly enough how much Sue has done to benefit children with serious brain disorders and the support that she has given to their families. She is very much a child advocate and goes about her advocacy with passion and professionalism."

Terry L. Russell
Executive Director
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill Ohio

"Sue Mikolic has been instrumental in making changes at the highest level of the state mental health system. I witnessed one particular occasion. The Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH), in partnership with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), hosted a Legislative Forum on Mental Health and School Success on October 9, 2003.

She (Sue) was very inspirational and persuasive on the fact that it is imperative that those in the educational community receive education on childhood mental illness, how the illness affects children's education, and strategies on how to support academic success for these children. This could only be accomplished by making legislative changes to reflect the criticalness of education.

A long story short - language requiring such education was included in pending legislation, the bill passed and Sue was invited to attend the signing in Columbus on March 10, 2004."

Laura Wissler
PEER Project Coordinator

Selected Presentation Evaluations

  • Superb, practical, honest, and hopeful
  • Wonderfully informative, insightful presentation ~ so appreciate Susan's willingness to share from personal experiences ~ such practical, applicable information
  • You did a great job. I will use your presentation to help students.
  • I learned so much that I will use in my practice.
  • Your personal experience really made the problems surrounding these problems a reality.
  • Knowing that it came from someone with personal experience made it hit home more.
  • Information was excellent.
  • Fabulous presentation: clear & moving & very informative.
  • Thought the presentation was very well done. I really appreciated the speaker's personal testimony.
  • Great that you gave so many real situations/examples. Keep it up. Concrete information.
  • Outstanding presentation!!
  • Great resources & practical strategies. Enough time was spent to provide basic background, but it was beneficial to spend most time on specific applications.
  • A great speaker! Courageous!
  • Great presentation. You really put things in perspective - gave us the "big picture."
  • It would be great information for the entire staff to hear.
  • Very complete information & very well presented. Very good helpful handouts. Very informative, interesting.
  • A tremendous amount of information was given in a short amount of time. Very informative.
  • Excellent - Susan was great - presented very well with good info that can be helpful to disperse! Repeat again so more people can attend!
  • Your contribution to our "Family Gathering" was tremendous! Your sessions were standing room only.
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